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K.A. Stacie Alexiou

CEO | Founder of Pathogen BioTechSM

Alexiou a Certified Energy Manager, member of the Association of Energy Engineers Operates a Certified NY WBE, Certified B. Corp and is proud to be amongst an incredible group of women as board member of the Women Builders Council. In the WBC, she serves on the committee developing opportunities for Next Generation Leaders. Founding the company was the third technology division of WATT + FLUX that also includes Energy Efficiency and Energy Storage.  

Alexiou believes in order to be effective at developing positive impact, priorities must evolve as the world does.  

A major ongoing priority is the protection of our communities and environment from exposure as we battle COVID-19.  

Inspired by who and what we love
Alexiou’s mother is a beautiful loving cancer survivor. She is immunosuppressed which brings the fear of infection closer to home. She is very close to both of her parents and feared how disinfecting of spaces they enter might be handled if there weren't options that were founded in science and tech, rather than stretching the capabilities of much needed everyday cleaning companies.  Believing these two need to work together, cleaning and disinfecting, not replace each other. Alexiou sought out to team up with environmental specialists, scientists, biologists, bio-tech patent holders to research and train on biotech equipment that could safely and effectively do the job. Add accountability measures and 3rd party testing industry experts. The search would have to produce a US made machine without leaving harmful residues or environmental contaminants. A team of brilliant professionals validated the use of the EPA registered system and its proven case studies. This is how Pathogen BioTechSM was formed.

Alexiou is proud to be a third generation Merchant Marine, and first generation Greek-American.

20 years of Engineering and Leadership training including regular Industry panel appearances and seminar educational  conferences in building and sustainability, including Greenbuild, Lightfair, B Corp and AEE. Alexiou trained extensively in the lighting energy conservation specialty industry  including at Rensselaer Polytechnic Lighting Research Center, LRC.  She has earned credentials from U.S.C.G, S.U.N.Y Maritime College B.S. Engineering, MSC Chemical Biological Radiological Defense Response (CBRND), LRC the Association of Energy Engineers, AEE, Certified Energy Manager, U.S.G.B.C’S LEED AP BD + C,  Certified ITC FLIR Thermographer, Villanova Master Black Belt Six Sigma, Pathogend Certified Tech in EPA registered system Biodecontamination, and  others. She took her passion for impactfully serving our community and the environment and started the company, WATT + FLUX. They have already reduced 23 million pounds of greenhouse gases from schools, healthcare facilities, industrial, commercial corporations and Marine environments utilizing US Made product. Earlier this year Alexiou filed a patent in energy storage resiliency gear to increase renewable power autonomy utilizing US made product and sustainable materials.

All divisions of WATT + FLUX passionately seek out achieving their goals with US Made equipment, sustainable materials and diverse teams.

World Trade Center
Alexiou spent four and a half years as a Mechanical Electrical Project Manager rebuilding the World Trade Center, WTC. She worked on raising the World Trade Center’s Towers 2 (below grade services), T3, Hub, Oculus and T4 with a focus on the electrical systems installation and commissioning.

Responsible for the MEP aspects of the ongoing construction of 4 World Trade Center, New York City and Management of (9) subcontractors in a 966 ft tall, 74 story $1.5B project across a $16B construction site of shared services. And subsequently T3 and MEP aspects of below grade services for T2, Retail and the Port Authority as Stakeholder Director.

In T4 Alexiou directed successful installation, troubleshooting, testing and Commissioning to point of sign off of comprehensive Mechanical and Electrical scope including energizing of all high tension 15kv work from (8) PDC's through distribution of 15kv electrical spot networks, (15)power distribution switches (PDS), (15) 13.8kv transformers, (15) network protectors, (4) 480v service switch boards, (1) Emergency Service Switchboard, (12) bus ducts, (39) Automatic Transfer Switches (ATS), (2) 2MW HO Penn generators, and associated equipment. Managed scheduling and preparation of all electrical equipment pre-functional and functional acceptance testing incl. preparation of cable pulls, splicing, current tracing, load banking, hi-potential testing, meggering etc.

Prepared all stages of team and trade coordination leading to final pull the plug test via thorough ATS pretesting and demonstration of utility failure recovery on emergency services and automatic equipment source transfer via ATS fed by a total of 4MW Generator power via Emergency Service Switchboard.

Licensed USGC, Maritime College Engineering Alumna, and Disaster Relief Missions in Merchant Marine
Alexiou’s foundation was in the  Merchant Marine, graduating from Maritime College with a degree in Engineering she began sailing as an officer within days of earning her license. She sailed to over 30 countries training and working as a United States Coast Guard Licensed Engineering Officer (USCG, Unlimited Horsepower License, Motors, Steam, Gas Turbines).  

On her first tour as officer aboard ship she was part of a small crew managing operations during a high transient occupancy of the vessel. Alexiou was chasing floods and electrical grounds throughout the day because the plant could not handle the system loads on the plumbing including laundry grey water, kitchen drains, sanitary drains and sewage system black water. Floods from these systems could contaminate whole decks, berthing holds, food prep  or washing spaces. She was able to recognize a pattern of when which systems were at high capacity and likely to flood. She set up a proactive preventative maintenance plan and started beating the floods to the punch. Each of these systems revolved around a schedule, morning showers, food service, laundry hours and lunch times. In the pattern she saw an opportunity to pre-empt the floods and set up a proactive approach. By treating filters, rose(drain)boxes, and clog points, before they hit their max usage in the day. She set up a schedule and later taught the cadets how to identify and develop similar preventative maintenance plans to pre-empt machinery and plant failures in their future settings. Later she would apply the preventative and proactive management to extend the life, trouble shoot and improve operations in high tension electrical, Mechanical and emergency power distribution systems.

Alexiou was trained and certified by the Military Sealift Command in Chemical Radiological Biological Nuclear Defense response. Prior to sailing she along with the other crew were inoculated for various exposures they may encounter during the relief mission. While in NOLA she was in charge of developing preventative maintenance including all plumbing system repairs and daily electrical maintenance. From this trip on she was hyper aware of disease exposure and  transmission risks while working in contaminated waters. She took  that mentality into her next roles at sea, often highlighting the contact we do not see or think of by darkening with food coloring and depicting  how awareness and contact modifications can increase safety aboard high occupancy vessels and spaces.

She worked aboard ship managing operations of a 600 PSI Steam Engine Plant. During her time aboard ship she focused heavily on the Electrical services, Mechanical and plumbing systems gaining a deep respect for the value of hands on experience, intimately understanding the behavior of mechanical and electrical systems with the many variables that come with operating a live plant while sailing through waters of varied conditions. Alexiou sailed aboard the first FEMA activated vessel to respond to the Hurricane Katrina disaster relief mission in NOLA. The mission responded to Hurricanes Katrina, Rita and Ophelia and lasted 8 months. In 2006 Alexiou and her fellow officers and crew were awarded the Medal of Outstanding Service by MARAD, a branch of Homeland Security.

DOD and Mission Critical Facilities
Alexiou has worked under several clearance levels including top DOD secret clearance and mission critical systems. She worked with EYP Principal to improve and redesign mechanical systems on several high profile mission critical facilities and top security clearance accounts. She performed with a focus on Process Excellence as Merrill Lynch owners representative for Engineering and Data Center sites.

She has held DOD Security Clearances and worked as integral team member for secure government projects.

Sample accounts in portfolio include: Merrill Lynch (HQ Data centers), UPS, Harvard, and Department of Defense (undisclosed locations), SIAC (Securities Industry Automation Corporation) NYSE/AMEX,PSE&G, MTV, EAB Towers.

Volunteer Work
During the Hurricane Sandy devastation, Alexiou’s work site at WTC was suspended for clean up. Alexiou boarded a volunteer bus daily and Worked mostly with her favorite org Team Rubicon, and also NY Cares, American Red Cross  as a volunteer responding through performing tear down gut outs, rebuilds and logistics leadership roles working alongside the National Guard donation triage centers in disaster recovery response across 5 sites in NY along the Rockaway barrier.   Alexiou currently trains and volunteers for a crisis suicide prevention program in NY.


Industry Subject Matter Experts and Advisors

Riviera Bulerin

Chief Advisor - Expert Contaminant removal Methods and Materials
OPTIONS Cleaning Service, LLC

Riviera Bulerin is founder of OPTIONS Cleaning Service, LLC . A women owned business with the vision of providing personalized cleaning maintenance for homes, businesses and institutions. Riviera has a strong background and knowledge of solution applications for the general maintenance of porous and non porous surfaces and also the alternative of Green plant based solutions for the sensitive environment as well.

Riviera is a highly trained professional skilled in many facets of institutional and environmental cleaning and maintenance procedures.  

Riviera has 20 years of hands on experience. Her core value of integrity and her willingness to provide an exceptional work ethic for her clients has gained her immeasurable success in her field.

Riviera is trusted by her high profile and sensitive business client settings to protect their spaces with her industry expertise in providing ongoing cleaning services.

Jennifer Carey

Chief Advisor - Expert Pathogen Testing, Biological Validation and Third Party Verification
JLC Environmental Consultants

Jennifer Carey is Founding Principal and CEO of JLC Environmental Consultants , a leading provider of environmental due diligence and risk management consulting services in the Greater Metropolitan region.   JLC Environmental has worked on over 40,000 real estate and construction projects for both the private and public sector clients since 1987.   JLC’s team of environmental professionals include microbiologists, biologists and environmental scientists and our clients range from commercial office buildings and infrastructure and transportation projects to educational institutions, hotels, health care facilities and multi-family housing concerns.  JLC also wholly owns Failsafe Training Co., which provides health and safety training services to the industry.

Jennifer is a past president of Commercial Real Estate Women (CREW) NY, a former CREW Network International Director and past chair of the CREW Network Foundation.  She is active with the Long Island Real Estate Group (LIREG), the Women Builders Council (WBC), and Professional Women in Construction (PWC).  She has appeared on television shows like Good Morning America and in radio and print as an expert on environmental issues, real estate, business and entrepreneurship.   She currently serves as the Deputy Chair of the Zoning Board of Appeals in Freeport, Long Island, NY where she resides with her family.

Frances Grinstead

Chief Advisor Pathogen BioDecontamination Training, Methods and Technology
Pathogend, CEO

National speaker, trainer and motivator for infection prevention in high traffic facilities. Chief Executive Officer of CURIS decontamination systems used in hospitals, educational facilities, transportation and many other markets.

Founder of the national training certification and services brand, Pathogend Bio-Decontamination Services and Inventor of The Germ Stops Here public awareness campaign. An extensive ten-year career in high-level disinfection nationally and internationally with an emphasis on chemical and device decontamination. Author of A Critical Care Decontamination guide for Klebsiella Pneumoniae and coauthor of Simultaneous Decontamination of A Lab and a Biological Safety Cabinet. Board Member and legislative chair for American Professionals for Infection Control and Prevention. IICRA certified.