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Colony Forming Units (CFU) are reduced to less than 1

Harder to kill pathogens such as those towards higher on the list sicken nearly half a million people a year.

To combat infection, our EPA validated disinfection system utilizes a nontoxic, non-bleach based solution. During our disinfection process Colony Forming Units (CFU) are reduced to less than 1. We achieve a 6-log kill rate for some of the most resistant strains of virus and bacteria including c.diff. a common Hospital Acquired Infection (HAI)

Unfortunately many household and commercial cleaners only kill 99.9% of viruses and bacteria leaving over 1000 CFU behind, allowing these pathogens to thrive. Pathogen BioTech utilizes a disinfection system rated with a 99.9999% efficacy at reducing colony forming units to less than 1. One of the few places where less than one, is about as good as it gets.