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Colony Forming Units

CFU stands for “colony forming units” and is used to quantify how many units of bacteria and viruses are capable of dividing and forming colonies. CFU's of many pathogens including SARS-COV-2 exist in the air and surfaces. By social distancing, wearing a mask, not touching your face, washing hands often, and disinfecting surfaces we reduce the CFU's that can infect us. Note: CFU's in probiotics are good bacteria for your immune and digestion.
The amount of CFUs you come in contact with plays a crucial role in whether you contract a disease, transmit it to others or safeguard your self and your family from harmful exposures. With the many opinions, information, and misinformed sources around us, #sciencematters now more than ever. We are all likely exposed to some degree, so understanding how we may increase or decrease our exposure to CFUs and the fomites they may be attached to, give us the power to modify our behavior and act smarter. Knowledge is power, a little science can go a long way in protecting our families, our communities, and ourselves. This won't last forever. When we are informed by scientific education and proven reputable sources, we have tremendous influential power to help protect each other. When we act with science-based knowledge, we have the power to impact others positively and get to a safer, better, normal.